The London Festival Championing Innovation Across the Capital During Two-Week Event

The London Festival Championing Innovation Across the Capital During Two-Week Event

To celebrate the exciting innovations taking the capital by storm, The London Festival® will be hosting some of the most important thought-leaders and technological advancements during their two-week arts, culture, and music festival, set to be held in 2023.

Created and produced by Nascent Vek Productions, the event aims to host some of the best and brightest innovators from the capital who are dedicated to solving some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues. From individuals focussed on improving green energy sources, to setting up recycling initiatives across the country, the festival’s Innovation Hub is designed to inspire the over 500,000 people expected to attend London’s most anticipated event.

Open to solo entrepreneurs, conscious corporations and environmental charities, the innovation hub will be a space to celebrate and champion some of the important work that Londoners are involved in. It will create a location for people to network, explore new opportunities, and start brainstorming ideas for their next exciting venture with some of the brightest minds of our generation.

The London Festival’s theme for 2023 is ‘Protecting our Planet’, so all innovators chosen to present at the festival’s Innovation Hub will be coming together in a joint mission to present work looking for solutions to urgent ecological issues like climate change, pollution, over consumption and deforestation.

The London Festival® will act as the stage for these important topics to be shared with a wide range of people from all backgrounds. Through this exposure, festival organisers hope that they will be able to encourage Londoners to act and take their environmental responsibility seriously.

Michael S. Darcy, managing director of Nascent Vek Productions said “Sustainability is something that we all take seriously at The London Festival, and we’re using our event to try and make a big difference. Over the two weeks, we’ll be welcoming over 500,000 Londoners to the event, and we hope to inspire them in the Innovation Hub to take action and be more conscious when it comes to saving the planet.”

For London-based companies in the green sector who are looking to showcase their products and technology at The London Festival®, they can get involved by registering their interest to the event organisers at:

To find out more about the London Festival and for further updates on the 2023 line-up visit:


The London Festival® is committed to raising funds to better the lives of disadvantaged communities and underappreciated individuals in the capital by partnering with reputable charities and public sector organisations.

The two-week, family-friendly extravaganza will be packed with cultural events, historic wonders, and feel-good entertainment. Launching in the summer of 2023, guests will relive London’s colourful past through life-size reconstructions and virtual displays, before enjoying the city’s food, art, and culture and taking in the latest technologies. Every day, live musical performances from VIP artists and local talent will take place on the stage, with the line-up being selected by the general public through an innovative voting system.

The event has been created and produced by Nascent Vek Productions, which has committed to a ten-year plan for the Festival.

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