Festival Concept

A Celebration of History,
Culture & Diversity

London is rich with stories, vibrant neighbourhoods, and amazing innovation. THE LONDON FESTIVAL aims to celebrate every facet of capital life — north, south, east, and west. Explore the city’s fascinating past through film-style sets that have been built to scale. Learn about landmark moments in London’s history through virtual and augmented experiences.

Taking its cue from the world’s most remarkable theatrical and immersive events, THE LONDON FESTIVAL is designed to WOW! Celebrate what makes the city a global leader through musical performances, community workshops, fine food and drink, London-made products, and more…



THE LONDON FESTIVAL is an annual event with a 10-year commitment. This cultural feat will fund vital charitable programmes that serve underprivileged communities across the Greater London area. With government budgetary cuts at an all-time high and inequality growing, a solution is needed, and needed fast. A brighter future is possible if we all work together. This is the vision of THE LONDON FESTIVAL.


Funds from the event will be used to reinvigorate disadvantaged boroughs by breaking down barriers, championing inclusivity, and helping citizens realise their dreams. Because our fundraising approach is different from other non-profit and charitable organisations, we don’t rely on donations.

It really is a win-win situation. Every year, citizens of all ages will have the time of their lives at the THE LONDON FESTIVAL. By participating in this monumental cultural event, we’ll help the capital change and grow.



THE LONDON FESTIVAL is bold, brave, and hyper-creative. It’s a spectacle that melds everyday reality with awe-inspiring virtual experiences. Explore immersive life-size sets across 6 FESTIVAL LANDS. Each one has been masterfully constructed by the world’s greatest designers, so you can step back in time.