Festival Key Facts


THE LONDON FESTIVAL is a 2-week, family-friendly extravaganza packed with cultural events, historic wonders, and feel-good entertainment. This immersive experience will take place in Central London, the capital’s iconic green space.

Launching in the summer of 2023, you’ll relive London’s colourful past through life-size reconstructions and virtual displays, before enjoying the city’s food, art, and culture and taking in the latest technologies.

Every day, live musical performances from VIP artists and local talent will take place on the stage, with the line-up being selected by the general public through an innovative voting system.

After an unprecedented pandemic, THE LONDON FESTIVAL will deliver cheer and joy to the capital. This is an event that’s designed to lift the city’s spirits and celebrate what makes us London.

immersive experience

THE LONDON FESTIVAL is an event like no other thanks to its use of virtual reality, augmented reality, and sensory technology. You’ll be transported through time to authentic environments, where you’ll experience capital life just as it was!


Each festival exhibit has been designed by a team of world-class historians, visionary architects, and tech virtuosos. TLF has gone the extra mile to ensure that every era of London’s past is brought to life as realistically as possible.

cast the festival lineup

Unlike other festivals, you’re in charge of who performs! Cast a vote for your favourite artists to help them win a coveted spot. TLF’s entertainment stage is a scintillating showcase of the capital’s brightest talent. You’ll decide who takes the stage, from bands and comedians to magicians and singers.

FAmily Inclusive

THE LONDON FESTIVAL is an all-inclusive event, made with families in mind.

Parents and carers will have access to a number of child-friendly rest stops across the site (including feeding rooms, changing rooms, and soft play areas).

cashless festival

You’ll feel safe and secure when you visit the festival thanks to advanced cashless technology. TLF is 100% money-free thanks to the utilisation of RFID wristbands.

Attendees will enter the festival, access areas, partake in events, and purchase items by wearing this progressive accessory. At the end of the festival, any unused funds on your wristband will be automatically refunded to you, or you can donate the balance to a London-based charity.

food & drinks

THE LONDON FESTIVAL’S food and beverage offerings are not your typical fare! Every land will offer a range of dishes and drinks, all inspired by the era.

Sample Roman delicacies, medieval morsels, or curious Victorian nibbles. You’ll also enjoy traditional British and international cuisine prepared by the capital’s talented foodies.

Reflecting London’s history and culture, TLF’s menu has been designed by a team of chefs and historians to ensure each offering is flavourful and healthy. Bottled water will available across the site. Alcohol will be served responsibly.


THE LONDON FESTIVAL takes visitor and staff safety very seriously. That’s why we’ve developed an intelligent security blueprint and a robust contingency plan. Across the duration of the festival, we’ll collaborate with the Metropolitan Police, the London Fire Brigade, The London Ambulance Service, and select government agencies. We’ll also stay on top of any post-pandemic hazards through the distribution of free masks and the use of disinfectant.

health & wellbeing

First aid stations and mobile units will be positioned across the festival site, staffed by highly-skilled paramedics, nurses, and doctors. A designated area for parents and babies will also be accessible with free food, nappies, and wipes available.

job creator

To help boost the post-pandemic economy, THE LONDON FESTIVAL will create 1200 new jobs exclusively for Londoners! 10 months prior to the event, a recruitment drive will take place across the capital. TLF is committed to providing a living wage to all its staff (with increased pension contributions).