Social Responsibility



THE LONDON FESTIVAL has a primary goal: to be an agent for change. Every aspect of our event is steeped in responsibility, from the educational value of our exhibits to our 24-hour patrolled security.

We aim to protect the city and protect the planet while putting on a show you’ll never forget. Diversity, inclusivity, mindfulness — these are the things that make London great.



THE LONDON FESTIVAL is committed to being cleaner and greener across every tier of the event. We’ll use 50% renewable energy, implement waste reduction and no plastic policies, and limit our carbon footprint in any way we can.

A portion of our proceeds (in partnership with the Eia Hawaii Fund) will help fund a global initiative to remove plastic from the oceans. Everything we do is made to give back. This is our promise.



THE LONDON FESTIVAL will meet its social and environmental targets across 6 key areas. We’re committed to a cleaner, greener, and brighter tomorrow. To make a difference, you must be the difference.

This entire event was designed and created to bring hope and change to the capital. Success begins with the foundations of an organisation. Ours were built with virtue.