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Every year, THE LONDON FESTIVAL will showcase a far-flung destination. For 2023, Hawai‘i has been selected: a breathtaking archipelago in the Pacific.

Experience the wonders of this magical land when you visit THE WORLD PAVILION. Learn about Hawaii’s many islands — from volcanic Maui to sacred Kaho?olawe.

Discover the ecosystem’s native species and tantalising tropical vistas. Enjoy fabulous food, arts and culture, and an immersive in-depth history lesson.

welcome to hawai‘i


THE HAWAI‘I PAVILION celebrates the native traditions and culture that make Hawai‘i so unique. Learn about awe-inspiring landmarks, extraordinary art, and a truly enchanting ecosystem.

Take part in special events including dance and song performances from some of Hawai‘i’s best loved acts. Exhibits and live shows are presented in partnership with Eia Hawaii Fund, a non-profit organisation engaged in the preservation of ecology, education, and heritage.

The Hawai‘i Pavilion is presented in partnership and with the support of the Eia Hawaii Fund.


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hawaiian history

Immerse yourself in Hawaiian history at the beautiful ‘Iolani Palace. Utilizing state-of-the-art tech (including VR goggles and tablets) you’ll experience life like true island royalty!

Admire the palace’s spectacular interior (long regarded as a signature landmark), peruse the Queen’s art collection, or learn about Hawai‘i’s heritage.

hawaiian culture & arts

At the festival’s traditional Halau, you’ll learn about the legacy of Hawai‘i’s arts through an interactive digital showcase.

Try time-honoured crafts that are native to the islands and which have been celebrated for centuries.

natural wonders

Hawai‘i is one of the true jewels of nature. At the NATURAL WONDERS exhibit, you’ll explore the island’s diverse range of ecosystems including lush tropical jungles and thriving marine life.

This interactive spectacle allows you to take a trip to a larger-than-life volcano and one of the archipelago’s national parks. You’ll also uncover the wonders of the North Pacific ocean without getting a single drop of water on yourself!

ocean plastic exhibit

The planet is facing a major crisis: plastic pollution in the oceans. At this immersive exhibit, you’ll learn about the impact man is having on the water, especially across the Hawaiian archipelago.3

Try your hand at a science experiment where you’ll analyse the ocean’s plastic pollution. This educational showcase creates awareness about the Earth’s fragile ecosystems and looks to address one of our most pressing issues.




THE LONDON FESTIVAL is not your average day out, it’s an inclusive, immersive, and interactive experience that celebrates the city’s 32 boroughs. It honours diversity without cliché or stereotype. It represents all people, all ages, and all cultures.

This wholly unique concept is proudly brought to you by Empower London Foundation (in conjunction with Nascent Vek Group). This visionary team will fund vital charitable initiatives across the capital using the funding gained from the spectacle.

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