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Step back in time at THE LONDON FESTIVAL and explore the FESTIVAL LANDS. You’ll experience the capital just as it was, from its Roman beginnings to its WWII Blitz. Utilising the very best in virtual and augmented realities, FESTIVAL LANDS is a show-stopping spectacle. Discover life-size reconstructions, interactive displays, and a wealth of curiosities.


ROMAN LONDON experience

See ancient London in a whole new light when you visit ROMAN LAND. This virtual and augmented experience is a blast from the past that allows you to live like old Londoners did. Saunter down the Londinium streets, visit a typical Roman home, and explore the impressive military barracks. You can also take part in a range of activities including coin making, writing on wax tablets, and mosaic art!


Step into London’s Medieval past when you visit MEDIEVAL LAND. Enhanced with VR technology, you’ll marvel at the capital’s architectural wonders, built between the 11th and 15th centuries.

Explore life-size reconstructions of the Palace of Westminster, London Bridge, and the London Port. Discover dark facts about the Black Death (bubonic plague) before learning about the era’s trades and jobs.

TUDOR & STUART Experience

Explore 15th to 18th century London when you visit TUDOR and STUART LAND. A world of wonder awaits inside 3 reconstructed buildings.

Stop by a classic Tudor house to view an old-fashioned printing press. Try your hand at printing pages or examine the bookshop’s array of texts.

Enter the iconic Rose Theatre where you can watch a performance through a virtual headset or learn about The Great Fire in the VR booths or via smartphone animation.




THE LONDON FESTIVAL is not your average day out, it’s an inclusive, immersive, and interactive experience that celebrates the city’s 32 boroughs. It honours diversity without cliché or stereotype. It represents all people, all ages, and all cultures.

This wholly unique concept is proudly brought to you by Empower London Foundation (in conjunction with Nascent Vek Group). This visionary team will fund vital charitable initiatives across the capital using the funding gained from the spectacle.


Discover 18th and 19th century London when you visit GEORGIAN LAND. This remarkable set features built-to-scale shops, located along a picturesque boulevard. View the fashions of the era in a number of clothes boutiques, enjoy a drink at a coffee house, or purchase a souvenir.

Afterwards, learn about London’s slave trade at a historically important exhibition and discover the capital’s latest museum (to be launched the following year).


Learn about 19th century London when you visit LONDON LAND. Three key exhibits make up this experience, all utilising state-of-the-art virtual tech.

Discover how the capital’s train lines were built via an interactive smartphone experience, or walk in the shoes of Victorian Londoners during 1851’s Great Exhibition.

Explore the history of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade from its humble beginnings in the mid-19th century. Take in Victorian-era fire trucks and historic firefighting uniforms.

A trio of incredible exhibits!

WWII LONDON Experience

View the Second World War from a new perspective when you visit WWII LAND. Interact with large-scale images via VR headsets and with a simple swipe of your smartphone.

Experience Blitz-era London in the underground stations and along the devastated streets. Discover the commercial endeavours carried out in wartime across retail and manufacturing.

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