Polka Children’s Theater Ltd

Polka is one of just a handful of dedicated children’s venues in the UK. Presenting a year-round programme of new work made at Polka, visiting shows, and Creative Learning activities for 0-12-year-olds from their much-loved home in Wimbledon. Polka continues to pioneer developments in children’s theatre, nurture artistic talent in the sector, and maintain an international reputation while serving our local communities.

They involve children at every stage of the creative process, and lead the way in Early Years theatre for under 6s supported by our academic collaborators and the EU-funded small size network. Creative Learning is central to their mission –Polka’s shows are supported by tailored community and schools initiatives that benefit around 20,000 largely disadvantaged and disabled children each year. Polka Theatre produces at least six new shows a year, commissioning new writing and adapting children’s stories for the stage.

Polka Theatre:Polka wholly aligns with Empower London Foundation’s focus on families and on education. We prioritise reaching underprivileged communities and disadvantaged children notably across our East Merton communities. It’s a privilege to be selected as a debut partner of the Foundation and to have the chance to advocate culture in Merton Borough and promote Polka’s work more widely.